Charles Oakford's Hat and Cap Store, Wholesale and Retail. Number 104, Chestnut Street, Philadelphia


This print is an advertisement for the retail and wholesale hat store operated by Charles Oakford in Philadelphia. Oakford established his business in 1827, relocated to 104 Chestnut Street in 1843, where he began his wholesale trade in 1850, and operated from this address until 1852. The advertisement contains an exterior view of the store, surrounded by a decorative border comprised of hats and vignettes. The proprietor is seen standing behind the double-sided glass door of his establishment and displays of hats adorn the showcase windows of the store. The border includes military hats, boys’ caps, a Friend's (Quaker’s) hat, and a beaver hat. The text indicates that the store carries military hats and “a large assortment of fancy travelling hats” and notes that this “branch of the manufacturer is conducted by an old and experienced workman.” Vignettes show a military officer on horseback and an outdoor scene with beavers at a tree. Beaver hats were extremely popular in Europe and America up until the mid-19th century, when they began to decline as silk came into fashion. The print is by James Fuller Queen, a prominent Philadelphia artist, lithographer, and pioneer chromolithographer, known for his attention to detail.

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P.S. Duval Lithography, Philadelphia


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Charles Oakford's hat & cap store, wholesale & retail, No. 104, Chesnut Street, Philadelphia

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1 print : lithograph, hand-colored ; 30 x 21 centimeters


  • Digital catalog number: POS 108

Last updated: August 26, 2015