P.S. Duval's Lithographic Establishment and Office of the U.S. Military Magazine, Published by Huddy and Duval. Number 7, Bank Alley, Philadelphia


This lithograph from 1839 depicts the four-story lithographic establishment of Peter S. Duval, one of the most prominent lithographers and printers of his day. The establishment, located at the northwest corner of Bank Alley and Dock Street (i.e., 227 Dock Street) in Philadelphia, was also the headquarters for Huddy & Duval, the firm that published the military fashion periodical, U.S. Military Magazine, between 1839 and 1842. In this view, a row of cavalry soldiers faces east on Dock Street as pedestrians, soldiers on foot, and a dog congregate on the sidewalks in the foreground. A signboard for a house painter adorns the adjacent property facing Dock Street and “Birch's Auctions” occupies the property at the west end of Bank Alley facing Third Street. The portico and columns of a stately building, probably part of the Merchant's Exchange, are visible across from the Duval establishment. The Dock Street building was demolished in 1924. This illustration was printed on the upper portion of a sheet of stationery paper and subsequently pasted onto the front flyleaf of a volume of the magazine. Below the illustration is a hand-written form letter signed by William M. Huddy and P.S. Duval, outlining the prices of “coloured” and “plain” plates. Born circa 1804 or 1805 in France, Duval emigrated from France to Philadelphia in the fall of 1831 to accept a job as a lithographer with the printing firm of Childs & Inman. By 1837 he had established his lithographic printing shop; he remained in business until his retirement in 1869. Huddy, born in Philadelphia in 1807, was a military artist, lithographer, publisher, and editor active in Philadelphia in the late 1830s and early 1840s. The two men were partners in Huddy & Duval until 1842, when the magazine and partnership ceased operations.

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P.S. Duval Lithography, Philadelphia


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P. S. Duval's lithographic establishment & office of the U. S. Mility. Magazine by Huddy & Duval, No. 7, Bank Alley, Philadelphia

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1 print : lithograph ; 10 x 16 centimeters


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