Point Breeze Park, Schottisch


This lithograph from circa 1858 is tinted with two stones and is the cover illustration to the sheet music “Point Breeze Park,” composed by George J. Corrie. The view shows spectators at a trotting race at the park on the Penrose Ferry Bridge Road near Point Breeze in Philadelphia. Several men, wearing top hats, stand in the raised stand for judges while male and female club members crowd the piazzas of the two-story main clubhouse. Racing on the course are two horses pulling sulkies. A few spectators stand on the grounds and landscaped paths. A second, smaller clubhouse building is adjacent to the main clubhouse. The park, established in 1855 by the Point Breeze Park Association of sportsmen, promoted trotting races as agricultural exhibitions to circumvent an 1817 city ban on horse racing. The park was sold to a private owner in 1901 and, in 1912, was sold again for development as an amusement park. The artist of this image was James Fuller Queen (circa 1820–86), a Philadelphia lithographer and pioneer chromolithographer known for his attention to detail and composition. The printer, Thomas S. Sinclair (circa 1805–81), was born in the Orkney Islands of Scotland and was active in Philadelphia by 1833, where he soon had his own business and was one of the first local printmakers to experiment with color lithography. A practical lithographer throughout his career, Sinclair produced all genres of lithographs, including maps, advertisements, city and landscape views, sheet music covers, portraiture, political cartoons, certificates, and book illustrations.

Last updated: January 9, 2018