Duty of the Church to the Empire and the World: Especially to Africa


Duty of the Church to the Empire and the World: Especially to Africa is a report to an Anglican Church congress by the Reverend Alfred R. Tucker (1849-1914), who had served as the first bishop of Uganda from 1899 to 1911. Tucker made three main points: the work of evangelism in Africa should be assumed, to the greatest possible extent, by native Africans; church government should be based on African national or tribal methods; and education in the vernacular—in the local languages—was a great duty of the church. Summing up his attitude, Tucker stated that the missionary’s spiritual characteristics should have “the fullest play,” but “that which is purely Anglican, and by Anglican I mean national, let that, if possible, be kept in the background.” The report is from a bound compilation of ten documents relating to the early history of the Anglican Church in Uganda in the library of Uganda Christian University at Mukono, near Kampala. The university was founded in 1997 by the Anglican Church of Uganda and incorporates Bishop Tucker Theological College, founded in 1913.

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  • From the Uganda Christian University. Digitized at the National Library of Uganda with support from the Carnegie Corporation of New York

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