Adoo Quamina, 1820


This 1820 hand-colored aquatint after William Hutton (1797–1860) depicts Adoo Quamina, a captain and courtier to the Ashanti king. It forms the frontispiece to Hutton’s book A Voyage to Africain the Year 1820, which was published in London the following year. Hutton was formerly the British acting consul to Ashanti, a powerful West African state in the region of present-day Ghana, and an officer serving in the British African Company of Merchants. He described the warrior as appearing “in his war-dress, with his body covered with fetishes, in gold and silver cases, and small brass bells, shells, and knives. His cap had gilded ram’s horns, projecting in front, with eagle’s feathers; and he wore cotton trousers, with large boots of red leather. This dress alone cost the king eleven slaves. The loss of one of his eyes in the late wars with the Buntakoos, gave him all the appearance of an old warrior. The horse he rode was a very good one, something of an Arabian breed.” The print is from the Anne S.K. Brown Military Collection at the Brown University Library.

Last updated: January 8, 2018