The Educated Vassal in the State of the New Kingdom of Granada, and His Respective Duties


El vasallo instruido (The educated vassal) was written in Cartagena by the Capuchin friar Joaquin de Finestrad. The manuscript, presented here, has two dates: 1783 on the front cover in pencil, and 1787 in the dedication to Viceroy Francisco Gil de Taboada y Lemos. The work consists of 12 unnumbered folios containing the dedication and preface, followed by the text of 505 pages originally numbered by the author. It also includes a double-sized attachment containing a comparative analysis of the tariffs of the Royal Customs of Santa Fe of December 31, 1780, with the rates implemented in January 1781. The work is divided in 13 chapters. The first six deal with the origins of the world, the discovery of America, the natural and moral state of the New Kingdom of Granada and its decline, as well as some projects for the economic development of the kingdom. Chapters 7–10 are about the Comunero uprising of 1781, in which farmers, artisans, and others rebelled against the drastic taxes imposed by King Charles III. The three remaining chapters deal with love, obedience, and the loyalty owed ​​by vassals to the Spanish monarch.

Last updated: March 19, 2013