Book of Animals


The artist, engraver, xylographer, publisher, and entrepreneur Jost Amman (1539–91) was involved in a huge number of printing projects, several of them together with the Frankfurt-based publisher Sigmund Feyerabend. One such project was the Thierbuch (Book of animals). Printed for the first time in 1569, it comprises nearly 100 woodcuts executed by Amman, based on designs by the Augsburg painter Hans Bocksberger the Younger. The illustrations feature 70 different kinds of animals, including domestic animals (such as horse, ox, and pig), wild animals (such as bear, fox, and eagle), exotic beasts (such as baboon, parrot, and turkey), and even mythical beasts (such as dragon, unicorn, and phoenix). Each illustration is accompanied by a short poem written by the Munich poet Georg Schaller. The poems combine facts and legends from ancient authors as well as from contemporary emblematic literature. The book seems to have been quite successful, and was reprinted in 1592 and in 1617. The copy presented here is from the edition of 1592.

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Sigmund Feyerabend, Frankfurt


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108 unnumbered sheets : illustrations


  • BSB Shelfmark Res/4 Zool. 11 c

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