Collection on the Genealogy of Bavarian Nobility, Volume 27


Johann Franz Eckher von Kapfing (1649–1727), prince-bishop of Freising from 1696 onwards, was keenly interested in history and genealogy. Having amassed material since his youth, he enlisted his Hofkammerdirektor (director of the court chamberlain’s office), Johann Michael Wilhelm von Prey zu Strasskirchen (1690–1747), to help him with his research. Some years after the death of Eckher, a clean copy was made of all the collected material; it was then arranged and bound into more than 30 bulky volumes. The collection, never printed, is the most extensive genealogical-historical compilation on Bavarian noble families ever made. Volume 27 of the collection is one of three volumes detailing the genealogy of the Counts of Törring. Compared to most of the other volumes of the series, it was written at an earlier date (1724) and features a large number of colorful drawings of heraldic devices, family trees, and fictional portraits. Along with the other volumes, it came into the possession of the Bavarian State Library when the prince-bishopric of Freising was incorporated into the territory of Bavaria in 1803.

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Freising, Germany


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Sammlung zur Genealogie des bayrischen Adels in alphabetischer Ordnung, Band 27

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289 sheets, paper : 36 x 25 centimeters


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