Costumes and Genre Pictures of the 16th Century from Western and Eastern Europe, the Orient, the Americas, and Africa


This manuscript, possibly created in Augsburg around 1580, contains more than 400 illustrations of the dress and manners and customs of countries in Europe and the Orient (especially the Ottoman Empire) as well as Africa and the Americas. With the exception of some clearly fantastic depictions (such as persons with their faces located on their breast, with animal heads, or with just one leg), all of illustrations seem to be accurate. Among the subjects portrayed are the dress and customs of people of various social groups in Scandinavia, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Bohemia, France, England, and Flanders; the Greek patriarch; “exotic” peoples of Asia and Africa; and Indians of the New World. The book also portrays games played by the Aztec and Olmec peoples of Mesoamerica. It shows the entourage of a member of the Fugger family, the most prominent family in Augsburg.

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Augburg, Germany (?)


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Kostüme und Sittenbilder des 16. Jahrhunderts aus West- und Osteuropa, Orient, der Neuen Welt und Afrika


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77 sheets, paper : illustrations ; 14.5 x 20 centimeters


  • BSB Shelfmark: Cod.icon. 361

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