The Triumphs of Maximilian


Among the many endeavors undertaken by Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I (1459–1519) to further his legacy was his plan of a monumental allegorical triumph, to be composed of more than 200 woodcuts. Many of the foremost artisans of the time worked on the project, but it was stopped after the Emperor's death and thus was never finished. The Munich manuscript of the Turnierbuch (Tournament book, also known as The Triumphs of Maximilian) features copies of the preparatory drawings made by Hans Burgkmair the Elder (1473–1531), who was responsible for almost half of the illustrations for the triumph. The copies probably were drawn and hand-colored by his son, Hans Burgkmair the Younger (circa 1500–59), and are of excellent quality. They show various knights and officials from Maximilian’s court representing different variations of tournament fighting, both mounted and on foot. Hans Burgkmair the Elder was a painter and woodcut print maker who was born and worked in Augsburg. Hans Burgkmair the Younger was also a painter and engraver.

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Augsburg, Germany


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25 sheets, paper : illustrations ; 40.5 x 27.5 centimeters


  • BSB Shelfmark: Cod.icon. 403
  • Co-owned by the Ernst von Siemens Art Foundation

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