View of the University


This view of Kiev University of Saint Vladimir (now Kiev National Taras Shevchenko University) is from Souvenir of Kiev, an early 20th-century album showing the main sites of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine and at that time one of the most important cities of the Russian Empire. The university was founded in 1834. Its huge main building, seen in the left background, dates from the mid-19th century and is painted red, with the capitols and bases of columns painted black, the colors of the stripes on the Order of Saint Vladimir. The foreground shows part of the market area of Bessarabka Square. Saint Vladimir’s Cathedral was built to mark the 900th anniversary of the conversion to Christianity of Kievan Rus by Prince Vladimir (or Volodymyr) Sviatoslavich, later Saint Vladimir the Great. Construction finished in 1896, when its completion was celebrated in the presence of the Russian royal family. This image shows the view from Bessarabka Square up Bibikovsky Boulevard. The 25 views in Souvenir of Kiev are collotypes, made using a chemically-based printing process widely employed before the invention of offset lithography.

Last updated: June 13, 2017