Railroad Station


This view of the first railroad station in Kiev is from Souvenir of Kiev, an early 20th-century album showing the main sites of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine and at that time one of the most important cities of the Russian Empire. The station was designed in the old English gothic style by architect Vishnevsky and completed in 1870. It serviced two rail lines, the Kiev–Balta and Kursk–Kiev routes, also completed in 1870. The station was located in the valley of the Lybid River (a tributary of the Dnieper) on the site of a former barracks. The complex consisted of three three-story buildings, linked by lower galleries. The station was replaced some time after 1910, probably because the expanding rail network made redevelopment necessary. The 25 views in Souvenir of Kiev are collotypes, made using a chemically-based printing process widely employed before the invention of offset lithography.

Last updated: June 13, 2017