Ornaments of Domestic Industry: Ruthenian Peasant Metalwork


Vzory promyslu domashnogo vyroby metalevi selian na Rusi (Ornaments of domestic industry: Ruthenian peasant metalwork) is one of a series of books published by the Industrial Museum in L’viv (present-day Ukraine), this one appearing in 1882. The explanatory text appears in Polish, Ruthenian (a predecessor of modern Ukrainian), German, and French, and it highlights the art and aesthetic taste shown in everyday objects. The book’s focus is the Hutsuls, a people of the Carpathian Mountains, mainly in western and southwestern Ukraine, but also northern Romania and eastern Poland, who speak a Ruthenian dialect and adhere to the Ukrainian Greek Orthodox or Greek Catholic faith. Intricate craftsmanship is evident in their clothing, sculpture, architecture, woodwork, and metalwork (especially in brass). The illustrations show decorative metal items used in jewelry, clothing, households, and weapons. These include: hair ornaments; crosses worn on chains, as necklaces and as earrings; other earrings and rings; belts and belt buckles; pipes and pipe-cleaning implements; a typical long-handled axe with a small head; finely decorated sword and dagger handles; and engraving on guns.

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Muzeum przemysłowe miejskie, L'viv, Ukraine

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Взоры промыслу домашного выробы металеви селян на Руси

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