Bosnian Book of the Science of Conduct


Bosnian Book of the Science of Conduct is a work that lists 54 religious duties that each believer must know about, believe in, and fulfill, followed by advice on what a religious person should and should not do. Published in 1831, the handbook is by the Bosnian author and poet 'Abdulwahāb b.' Abdulwahāb Žepčewī, also known as Ilhami or Ilhamija. Born in Žepče in 1773 (AH 1187), Ilhami was executed in Travnik in 1821 by order of Dželaludin-paša, the Ottoman pasha of Bosnia in 1820–21. In his poetry, Ilhami had openly criticized Dželaludin-paša’s harsh rule over the Bosnian population. The book is printed in Arebica (also referred to as Arabica), the variant of the Perso-Arabic script used to write the Bosnian language, mainly between the 15th and 19th centuries, after the inclusion of Bosnia in the Ottoman Empire and its adoption of Islamic civilization and culture.

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Fojnica, Bosnia and Hercegovina


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كتاب بوسنوي علم حال

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21 leaves ; 17 x 12 centimeters

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