The Book of Medicinal and Nutritional Terms


Abu Muhammad Abdallah Ibn Ahmad Ibn al-Baitar Dhiya al-Din al-Malaqi (known as Ibn al-Baitar, circa 1197–1248 AD) was an Andalusian Arab scientist, botanist, pharmacist, and physician. He was born in Malaga, Spain, and died in Damascus, Syria. He is considered one of the major scientists of Muslim Spain. His father was a veterinarian, which earned him the nickname al-Baitar, Arabic for veterinarian. Ibn al-Baitar was also trained by a pioneering Andalusian botanist called Abu al-Abbas al-Nabati. Kitab Al-jami li-mufradat al-adwiya wa al-aghdhiya (The book of medicinal and nutritional terms) is Ibn al-Baitar’s best-known work. It is a pharmaceutical encyclopedia containing detailed descriptions of more than 1,400 medicinal plants, foods, and drugs and giving their therapeutic values and medicinal uses. The book also includes references to 150 earlier Arabic authors and 20 Greek authors.

Last updated: August 12, 2016