Collection of Poems


Abu Tammam Habeeb ibn Aws At-Taaee (circa 796–843 AD, 188–231 AH) was a pioneering Arab poet of the early Abbasid era. He was born in Jasim in present-day Syria and later lived in Damascus and Homs. He is the first of three Abbasid poets whose influence on Arabic poetry is still felt today, with the two others being Al-Buhturi and Al-Mutanabbi, who flourished respectively in the 9th and 10th centuries AD. His importance stems not only from the fact that he wrote splendid poetry, but he also theorized about poetry criticism, thus contributing significantly to the field. Some of his views on poetry stand, even today, as a testimony to his stature as a critic. Statements such as “poetry is a glance, a glimpse of which suffices; not a sprawling long speech” set him apart from the then-prevailing traditions of Arabic poetry and launched him as an original and groundbreaking poet and critic. He died in Mosul, in present-day Iraq. This book is a collection of Abu Tammam’s own poems.

Last updated: August 12, 2016