The Breath of Perfume


Ahmad ibn Muhammad al-Maqqari (circa 1578–1632) was an Arab historian who wrote one of the oldest histories of Muslim Spain. He was born in Tlemcen, in present-day Algeria, and at times lived and worked in Morocco and in Egypt. His most important work, Nafḥ aṭ-ṭīb (The breath of perfume), consists of two parts. The first is a compilation from many authors on Andalusia and its history, including descriptions of the main Andalusian cities and the lifestyles of their peoples. The second part is a biography of the famous writer, historian, and politician from Arab Spain, Ibn al-Khatib (1313–74). A grand minister and a poet whose lyrics are sung by Arab singers to the present day, al-Khatib wrote more than 60 books.

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E.J. Brill, Leyde


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القسم الاول [- الثانى] من كتاب نفح الطيب من غصن الاندلس الرطيب و ذكر وزيرها لسان الدين بن الخطيب

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Volumes 1-2


  • Includes indexes. Title in some places is given as: The Breath of Perfume from the Branch of Green Andalusia and Memorials of its Vizier Lisan ud-Din ibn ul-Khattib.

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