A Complete Geographic Atlas of East Section of Yansui County


This accordion-shaped book is a military map painted in color on silk, depicting Yansui Zhen, a military fortress in northern Shaanxi province. The work is long and wide, measuring 48.3 centimeters high and 25.5 centimeters wide, in 14 folds. A label on the cover gives the title, Yan sui dong lu di li tu ben (A complete geographic atlas of the east section of Yansui County). The county had 36 fortresses, but only 11 of them are depicted in this work: Qingshui Ying, Mugua Yuan, Gushan, Zhenqiang, Yongxing, Shenmu, Dabaiyou, Bailin, Gaojia, Jian’an, and Shuangshan. The rest of county’s fortresses, including Huangfuchuan Bao and the 24 others, are missing. The color illustrations depict mountains, walled cities, rivers, and fortresses, with no texts attached. Place-names are hand-written on pieces of fine brown paper, which are glued into the book. Many of the top margins contain words indicating that the places shown were inaccessible. Produced with skilled and refined technique, the atlas is one of the rarest military maps of the Ming dynasty (1368–1644). The author and the exact date of publication are unknown.

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Yansui, Shaanxi Province


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1 volume


  • Folded in accordian style

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