A Complete Illustrated Atlas of Counties under the Jurisdiction of the Jiangning Administrative Government


Jiangning was designated a province in the 25th year of the Qianlong reign of the Qing dynasty (1760). The provincial administrative government was established under the supervision of the governor-general of two Yangtze provinces, one of eight governor-generalships instituted during the Qing dynasty. The province straddled the Yangtze River and was close to the sea, bordering Anhui and Sichuan to the south and Henan to the north. Under its jurisdiction were four prefectures, two directly-controlled divisions, one subprefecture, and 33 divisions and counties. The territory stretched more than 750 li (the li measure varied over time; 1 li then equaled about 0.8 kilometer) from east to west and 1,200 li from north to south. Jiangning bu zheng si shu fu ting zhou xian yu di quan tu (A complete illustrated atlas of counties under the jurisdiction of the Jiangning administrative government) is a detailed representation of the province. Illustrations showing each locality vary in height (75–143.5 centimeters) and in width (37.2–139.8 centimeters). Latitude, longitude, and directional orientation are provided, but not degree markings or scale. Scale and distance thus cannot be determined from the size of the illustrations. The engraving is very refined, with clearly marked large and small characters written in fine calligraphy. The atlas contains a total of 43 maps, including a general map of Jiangning Province; maps of prefectures such as Huai’an, Yangzhou, and Xuzhou; general maps of the two directly controlled divisions, Haizhou and Tongzhou, and of the subprefecture, Haimen; and maps of counties, including Jurong, Lishui, and Jiangpu. The title of each map is handwritten in red. There is also an illustrated handbook with a red silk frame. The Jiangning map takes up an entire leaf; the other localities occupy only half a leaf. The explanations are accurate and concise, and the text is written in a style to be read aloud, presumably by experts. The redrawing of provinces, prefectures, and counties served various political and administrative purposes in China, and this work contains valuable information for historical research.

Last updated: January 3, 2018