Poems (Carmina)


This manuscript, which probably dates from the 16th century, contains Mušḥātā (Poems) by Gregory Bar ‘Ebraya (also seen as Bar Hebraeus, 1226–86), a Syriac Orthodox bishop and a major author in the later Syriac tradition. He wrote prolifically, mostly in Syriac but also in Arabic, on philosophy, theology, spirituality, and history. His works also included commentaries on scripture, devotions, moral treatises, logic, the sciences, and humorous stories. Bar Hebraeus was renowned for his justice, integrity, great learning, and principled leadership. A few recent pages (mostly blank) have been added at the beginning of the manuscript and there is a note to the effect that the manuscript was brought from Edessa (present-day Sanliurfa in southwest Turkey) to Aleppo in 1924. The Syriac Orthodox community in Aleppo is ancient. It was much enlarged, however by an influx of Syriac Christians who fled there during the turmoil of the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, particularly by the entire community from Edessa.

Last updated: October 9, 2014