Collection of Canons


This Armenian manuscript is a collection of canons (regulations or dogma as laid down by a church council). It is dated 1710 and exhibits the script known as nōtrgir (late minuscule). Each page has a clear border and 25 straight lines in one column. The manuscript is in good condition throughout, but some evidence of text repair can be seen on page 261. There are very many page decorations, human representations, and birds. Nōtrgir, a later minuscule script dominant in Armenian from the 17th century, differs from Armenian uncial or erkat’agir (the oldest Armenian script, in use until the 11th century) and miniscule or bolorgir (introduced in the 10th century and predominant in the 13th–16th centuries).

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186 pages ; 18 x 14 centimeters


Last updated: August 28, 2012