On Correctness in the Arabic Language


This 16th-century manuscript is a copy of a famous lexicographical work by Abū Naṣr Ismā'īl Ibn Ḥammād al-Jawharī (died 1002) called Kitāb Al-Ṣaḥāḥ fī Al-Lugha (On correctness in the Arabic language). The manuscript is written in a tight Naskh hand profuse with vowel signs and 37 lines per page. These features combine to give each page a crowded appearance. Each lemma (headword) is noted in red in the text and also indicated in the margins for easy reference. Like "Commentary on Ibn Malik's 'Tashīl al-fawā'id'", also in the library of the Near East School of Theology, this codex was among the Arabic-language reference works used by Eli Smith (1801–57), an American Protestant missionary working in Beirut, in translating the Bible into Arabic in the early to mid-19th century.

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كتاب الصحاح في اللغة

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328 pages ; 25.8 x 17.7 centimeters


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