Acts of the Synod of Qarqafe


This manuscript contains the canons of the Melkite Synod of Qarqafe in Lebanon, which took place in 1806 with Patriarch Agapios II Matar (sometimes known as Agapios III) presiding. The synod was seen as having been particularly influenced by the Melkite bishop of Aleppo, Germanos Adam (died 1809). The text contains numerous corrections and marginal notes by another hand. It is prefaced by a table of the canons and a list of signatories is supplied at the end of the work. The Melkite Synod of Qarqafe was later condemned for its alleged Jansenist ideas by Pope Gregory XVI (1765–1846) in his Melchitarum Catholicarum Synodus. Jansenism was a movement within the Roman Catholic Church that arose in France in the 17th century and that had similarities to Protestantism, to Calvinism in particular.

Last updated: October 3, 2014