Arabic-Italian Dictionary


This mid-18th century volume, entitled Repertorio Arabo–Italiano in Italian, forms a kind of lexical vade mecum (a book for ready reference) for Arabic and Italian. Its principal components are an Arabic–Italian dictionary (Arabic on the right, Italian on the left) and a classified word list. The dictionary is the largest portion of the book, arranged according to the Arabic alphabet. The word list in the second part consists of 55 classified sections on various topics, including animals, clothing, precious stones, months and days, logical terms, and Christian themes, for example priestly vestments and sacraments. The Arabic nouns are given in both singular and plural, and the verbs are given in perfect, imperfect, and infinitive (masdar), which suggests that the work clearly was intended as a help for students and not merely as an occasional reference work. At the beginning are a few pages of notes in Italian on Arabic grammar.

Last updated: September 29, 2014