The Eloquent Prosody in the 40 Verses


This manuscript is an Ottoman Turkish commentary on forty verses of the Qurʼan, with hadith (the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad) and verse citations by Okçuzade Mehmet Şahî, who died in 1039 AH (1629 AD). This copy was made in the 11th century AH (17th AD). The text is written in Naskh script in black and red ink. The waqf (bequest) stamp of al-Wazīr al-Shahīd ‘Alī Pāshā, dated 1130 AH (1717 AD), appears on folios 1a, 1b, and 2a. The name of a former owner, Sayyid Burhān al-Dīn, and his seal dated 1039 AH is found on folio 1a, perhaps placed there when the second owner acquired the work a century later. The text begins with an illuminated incipit with headpiece (folio 1b). The dark-brown goatskin binding with central lobed medallion filled with floral scroll work and outlined in gold is contemporary with the manuscript. The manuscript is from the Walters Art Museum and is designated Walters W. 667.

Date Created

Subject Date

Title in Original Language

النظم المبين في الايات الاربعين

Type of Item

Physical Description

Foliation: ii + 449 + ii. Dimensions: 13.5 centimeters wide by 24.5 centimeters high. Framing lines in red; framing lines on folios 1b-2a in gold and black ink

Last updated: August 18, 2016