Good Wishes for Eid


This calligraphic fragment includes four lines in Persian wishing its owner good fortune and happiness on the occasion of Eid (also seen as 'Id). Initiated by praise to “huwa al-'aziz” (God, the Glorified), the verses read: “Oh, the joy of Eid is from your name / The comfort of the world is from your peacefulness / The bubbling of the sky reaches the celestial spheres / The wine of chance is in your glass.” The verses are written in black Thuluth script on a beige paper framed by cloud bands and placed on a background decorated by pasted pieces of white-and-blue marbled paper. The lower right and the upper left corners of the text panel have been lost and repaired with a two triangular pieces of beige paper. Missing letters in these two corners have also been filled in. Below the text panel appears another fragment of text cut out and pasted to the larger sheet of paper backed by cardboard. The two lines read: "On behalf of Pari Beygum Sahib, may she live long!" Although the name of the calligrapher and the date of the composition are not specified, Pari Beygum Sahib can be identified as the wife of Amanullah Khan, the last amir (prince or king) of the Barakzay Dynasty (reigned 1919–29), the ruling family of the independent kingdom of Afghanistan in 1839–1926. She was a former pari (lady-in-waiting) to the ruler's mother before becoming his beygum (royal consort). She died during childbirth in Kabul in 1912. This calligraphic specimen may have been executed for her on the occasion of Eid in Kabul around 1900.

Last updated: September 30, 2016