Jokes Relating to the Commentary on Al-Mataalia and Its Honorable Marginal Notes


The present work is a further commentary on the ḥāshiyah (gloss) by al-Sayyid al-Sharīf al-Jurjānī (died 816 AH [1413 AD]) on the Lawāmi’ al-asrār by Qutb al-Dīn al-Taḥtānī al-Rāzī (died 766 AH [1364 AD]). The latter is, in turn, a commentary on a book of logic entitled Maṭāli’ al-anwār by Sirāj al-Dīn Maḥmūd al-Urmawī (died 682 AH [1283 AD]). The scribe of this work, who may also have been the author, was Muhammad ibn Pir Ahmad al-Shahir bi-Ibn Arghun al-Shirazi. Written for the library of the Ottoman Sultan Selim I, it was completed in Bursa (in present-day northwestern Turkey) in 918 AH (1512 AD), the year of that ruler's accession to the throne. The text, which opens with an illuminated headpiece (folio 1b), is written in Naskh script, mostly in black ink. Certain words, such as qawluhu (his saying) and aqūlu (I say), appear in red and delineate a quotation. The brown goatskin binding with central lobed oval and pendants with arabesque designs is contemporary with the manuscript. The work is from the Walters Art Museum and is designated Walters W. 591.

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نكات متعلقة بشرح المطالع وحواشيه الشريفة

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Foliation: i + 84. Dimensions: 11.5 centimeters wide by 18 centimeters high. Catchwords: On versos, written obliquely outside the frame close to the page edge, framing lines in gold and black

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