This calligraphic fragment includes a poem in Persian that describes a ruler's duty to share his wealth. The verses read: “Majesty and Affection of Poets / If a variety of ripe peaches are brought to / Your servants by you or they (bring them themselves) / It is not permitted to eat alone. / […they are right and know (?)]” The verses are written in black nasta'liq script and outlined by cloud bands on a background painted in gold and decorated by floral motifs. In the upper-right corner, the intersection between the diagonal lines of text and the rectangular frame is filled by an illuminated triangle (or thumb piece). The text panel is framed by gold, blue, and green borders and is pasted to a larger pink sheet of paper backed by cardboard. The fragment is neither signed nor dated, but may have been executed in Iran or India sometime during the 18th−19th centuries.

Last updated: July 31, 2014