Qurʼanic Verses


This calligraphic fragment includes verses 25−33 of the 35th chapter of the Qurʼan entitled al-Fatir (The originator of creation). The text continues with verses 33−40 on the folio's verso. These particular verses are found on another fragment of a Qurʼan also executed in Kufi script in the collections of the Library of Congress. Surat al-Fatir deals with the mysteries and forces of al-khalq (creation), as well as the angelic forces that maintain creation. Paradise is promised for believers, and Hell for unbelievers. Hope is the promise of those who perform good deeds, here in 35:29: “Those who rehearse the Book of God, / Establish regular prayer, / And spend in charity, / Out of what We have provided for them, / Secretly and openly, / Hope for a commerce that will never fail.” The text is executed in a Kufi script close to style D.IV, a writing style found in horizontal Qurʼans produced during the ninth century. It is written in brown ink at 13 lines per page. There are no vocalization or diacritical marks. The only verse marker consists of a red circle at verse 40 on the fragment's verso, which was added later to demarcate a tenth verse. The script, layout, and red verse marker on this fragment resemble another fragment in the collections of the Library of Congress.

Last updated: April 6, 2015