Persian Prose and Poetry


This calligraphic fragment is executed in gold ink on brown leather. The text is written in shikastah-nasta'liq and comprises a selection of Persian excerpts in both nazm (poetry) and naskh (prose). These passages are written diagonally and are framed by cloud-band motifs. The text is framed by a blue border decorated with flowers and pasted to a pink sheet ornamented with gold leaf and flower motifs. There is a small hole in the brown leather, below which a note states that this calligraphic piece was finished in the subh (morning) of Shambah, Jumadah II 5, 1156 (Saturday, July 27, 1743). Close to the date appears a note specifying that the work was commissioned by a certain Mawlana [...]. The name of the calligrapher, apparently inscribed in red ink in the center of the composition, unfortunately is illegible. The script is typical of calligraphic work executed in 18th-century Iran, which witnessed the gradual development of shikastah script from its nasta'liq roots.

Last updated: April 6, 2016