'Id (Feast Day) Prayer


This calligraphic fragment includes a poetical prayer wishing its owner happiness and prosperity on the occasion of the 'id (also seen as 'Id and Eid) festival of Noruz (New Year). Beginning with a (now barely legible) invocation to huwa ar-Raheem (God as the Glorious), the verses then read: “Oh, your face is 'id and your eyebrow is the moon of 'id / May your month and year be auspicious and happy / May my eye not be bright without seeing you / The arch of your eyebrow is the prayer direction of (all) people.” The text is written in black nasta'liq script on a beige paper and is framed by cloud bands on a gold background. The text panel is provided with blue and green frames and is pasted to a larger sheet of pink paper backed by cardboard. It seems likely that a calligrapher's signature may have been placed in the lower-left corner of the text panel. However, it now is illegible due to water damage. Judging from the fragment's theme, it is possible to suggest that the piece was executed in India sometime during the 18th or 19th century as a New Year's gift to an eminent patron.

Last updated: May 3, 2016