Prayer (Du'a) for Forgiveness


This calligraphic panel includes a number of prayers for increased faith, blessing, well-being, and good fortune for its owner. It also petitions for forgiveness both before and after death. Finally, it offers prayers for the Prophet Muhammad and his family and invokes God as the Most Merciful. The text is executed in black Naskh script and is fully vocalized. Separate parts of the text are divided by gold roundels, a structure reminiscent of Qurʼanic verses. Written on a beige sheet of paper, the text panel is framed by several borders and pasted to a larger brown sheet of paper backed by cardboard. The fragment is neither dated nor signed. However, text panels such as this one, providing various Arabic prayers in Naskh script, were made by the famous Naskh-revival Persian calligraphers Mirza Ahmad Nayrizi (died 1152 AH/1739) and Vassal-i Shirazi (died 1262 AH/1846) and their followers. For these reasons, it is possible that this calligraphic fragment was made in Iran in the 18th or 19th centuries.

Last updated: April 27, 2016