Qurʼanic Verses


This calligraphic fragment includes verses 17–34 of the 80th chapter of the Qurʼan entitled 'Abasa (He frowned). Surat 'Abasa is an early Meccan surah containing 42 verses. It describes an episode during which a blind man interrupted the Prophet while he was attempting to teach. Because the man wanted to learn the Qurʼan, the Prophet excused the disruption and held the man in high honor. The verses continue with an exaltation of revelation and the Qurʼan: “It is indeed a Message of instruction. / Therefore let whoever will keep it in remembrance. / It is in Books held in honor, / Exalted, kept pure and holy, / Written by the hands of scribes, / Honorable, pious, and just (80:11–16).” These verses are written in a fluid Naskh script in dark-brown ink. Vocalization marks also are executed in brown ink, while orthoepics (pronunciation) marks—such as the tashdid (duplication of a consonant) and long alif ("a") sounds—appear in red ink. Verse markers consist of small gold and red circles or drops. Notations in red ink indicating whether stopping recitation is allowed or not appear above the ayat (verse markers) as well. The panel of calligraphy was extracted from a Qurʼan, provided with colored frames, and pasted onto a pink board for strengthening.

Last updated: April 6, 2015