Lines from “Qaṣīdat al-burdah” (the Poem of the Mantle)


This fragment includes a poem in Arabic written in black Naskh script on a beige paper. The words are fully vocalized in black and framed by cloud bands on a gold background. The text panel is framed in blue and pasted to a larger sheet of green paper backed by cardboard. On the final line, the calligrapher Vassal states that he has written the work on a Monday night during the year 1258 AH/1842. The calligrapher can be identified as the famous Naskh-revivalist Vassal-i Shirazi (died 1262 AH/1846), the greatest Iranian calligrapher of the 19th century. He seems to have executed this piece only four years before his death.

Last updated: April 27, 2016