Report of the Expedition in 1892 to the Trans-Ural Steppe of the Urals Region and to Ust-Urt


In 1892, the shareholders of the Ryazan–Uralsk Railroad Company sponsored an expedition to the Trans-Ural steppe region of the Urals and to Ust-Urt for the purpose of determining the type and volume of cargo that could be carried on a projected rail route from Ryazan to Uralsk. The engineer and geologist S.N. Nikitin directed the expedition and prepared this report. Nikitin also investigated the deposits of oil, common salt, and other minerals found along the route. When completed in 1894, the Ryazan–Uralsk Railroad linked the center of Russia with the far southeast of the empire. The line was particularly important for supplying grain to Moscow, located some 200 kilometers northwest of Ryazan. Uralsk, also known by its Kazakh name Oral, is in the northwest part of present-day Kazakhstan. Ust-Urt, also known as Üstirt, is a plateau located between the Caspian Sea and the Aral Sea in a region that straddles present-day southwest Kazakhstan and northwest Uzbekistan.

Last updated: March 7, 2014