The Essence of Matters and the Role of Facts


Khulāṣat al-masā’il wa-muhimmat al-dalā’il (The essence of matters and the role of facts) covers a wide range of issues of importance to Islam: the main trends and interpretations, explication on the precepts laid down in the Qur’an, religious and legal norms, and other factors guiding the believer’s life. Published in Kazan, Russia in 1890, the book is written in Chagatai, an extinct Turkic language that was once widely spoken in Central Asia and that remained the literary language of the region until the early 20th century. It is printed in the Kazan typeface of Arabic, named after the Russian city of Kazan. Kazan University was founded by Tsar Alexander I in 1804 and became the premier center for oriental studies in the Russian Empire. Kazan was a center of publishing for the empire’s Muslim population.


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Kazan Imperial University Publishing House, Kazan


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خلاصة المسائل و مهمة الدلائل

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270 pages

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