Qurʼanic Verses


This Qurʼanic fragment includes verses 148–50 of the sixth chapter of the Qurʼan entitled al-An'am (The cattle). Verses 150–51 continue on the fragment's verso. This surah dates from the late Meccan period. It discusses the nature of God and the manner in which He reveals Himself. These verses encourage humans to follow God's path and to follow God's will as described in the Qurʼan, because His commands are based on moral law. "Come, I will rehearse what God has really prohibited you from: / Join not anything as equal with Him; / Be good to your parents; kill not your children / On a plea of want [...]” (6:151) The text is written in clear Muhaqqaq script at five lines per page, bound by a delicate frame consisting of several lines executed in gold and black ink. Muhaqqaq was the favorite cursive script of calligraphers who copied Qurʼans during the 14th–15th centuries. The script and text layout are typical of Qurʼans of this period executed in Iraq and Mamluk Egypt. The verse markers consist of gold rosettes decorated with red and blue dots. One of the markers breaks out of the text frame at the top-left corner. In the upper-left corner of the margin appears a gold roundel marking a tenth 'ashar (verse) as well. The paper is white and quite thin, causing the text on the folio's verso to show through.

Last updated: April 6, 2015