Map of France Divided into Départements, Subdivided into Arrondissements


This 1806 map of France shows the division of the country into départements (regions) and arrondissements (districts). The modern départements were created in 1790, following the outbreak of the French Revolution in 1789, by the National Constituent Assembly, partly to weaken the old military and historical loyalties of the provinces and create a more coherent and loyal national system. Each département was run by an elected general council, presided over by a commissioner representing the central government. The départements were subdivided into arrondissements, each of which was under the administration of a subprefect. Arrondissements were also further subdivided. They were created in 1800 and took the place of the earlier districts.

Date Created

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Title in Original Language

Carte de la France divisée en départemens, subdivisée en arrondissemens communaux


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1 maps on 4 sheets : color, dissected and mounted on linen ; on sheets 72 x 82 centimeters or smaller


  • Relief shown pictorially. Scale 1:880 000.

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