The Ivory Coast


La Côte d’Ivoire is a comprehensive study of the French colony, published in 1906 in conjunction with the French Colonial Exposition in Marseille. In the years before World War I, France’s global empire, second in size only to Britain’s, was nearing its peak. The exposition was intended to glorify France’s civilizing mission as well as to highlight its profitable trade with the colonies, much of which passed through the port of Marseille. The book consists of four parts. Part one recounts the history and political constitution of the colony. Part two covers the regional subdivisions, or cercles, including their history and descriptions of their natural resources, cultural practices, and political structures and economies. Part three discusses French colonization, the interaction between natives and Europeans, and European use of the colony’s natural resources, including the construction of mines and exploitation of indigenous agriculture. The final part focuses on commerce in the colony, particularly the organization of industry and French methods of industrial management. Included are numerous photographs and statistical tables. Côte d’Ivoire gained its independence in 1960.

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Crété, Corbeil, Seine-et-Oise


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La Côte d'Ivoire

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761 pages, illustrated, plates. folded maps. 26 centimeters

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