A Ground Plan of the Works and Buildings on the Wood Estate of Peter Langford Brooke, Esq., Situated in the Parish of St. John's, Antigua


In the colonial period, the Langford Brooke family of Mere in Cheshire, England, owned several properties on the British island of Antigua. This document is a detailed ground plan of the works and buildings on the family’s Wood estate. A lettered index at the left indicates the various structures, which include the boiling house, still house, windmill, blacksmith’s shop, great house, and others. The drawing at the bottom center shows how water was supplied from a pond to the works on the estate. At the upper left is a colonial coat of arms. An accompanying map, produced by the same surveyor, gives an overview of the whole property. Slaves did most of the work on these estates, which were devoted to the production of sugar cane.

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1 map : manuscript, color ; 75 x 57 centimeters


  • Includes index, 2 insets, and color coat of arms. Scale [1:240]. 20 feet to an inch.

Last updated: February 12, 2016