Two Quaint Republics, Andorra and San Marino


Andorra and San Marino are two of the world’s smallest – and oldest – countries. Andorra is located in the Pyrenees between France and Spain. An agreement of 1278 placed it under the joint suzerainty of the Spanish Bishop of Urgel and the French Count of Foix (whose rights later were transferred to the French crown and eventually the president of France). In 1993 Andorra adopted its own constitution and became self-governing. San Marino is located in the Appennine Mountains of northeastern Italy, totally surrounded by Italian territory. It is the oldest republic in the world, having been independent since the 4th century. Both countries have long attracted many tourists. This somewhat incorrectly titled book -- Andorra is not a republic but a principality -- is by Virginia Wales Johnson (1849-1916), an American writer of fiction, children’s literature, and travel books. In 1875, she settled permanently in Europe, where she spent most of her time in Florence. In her later years, she turned from fiction to produce mainly travel books and works of popular history.

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Two quaint republics, Andorra and San Marino

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13-228 pages; frontispice, plates; 20 centimeters

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