In Praise of the Most Serene Ferdinand, King of Spain, 'Baetic' and Ruler of Granada, Besieger, Victor, Triumphant: And On the Recently Discovered Islands in the Indian Sea


This book is a compilation of two texts, both relating to events in the momentous year of 1492. The first is a drama in Latin by an Italian author, Carlo Verardi (Carolus Verardus), written in a combination of verse and prose, which recounts the military campaign during the reign of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella to capture Granada, the last Moorish territory on the Iberian Peninsula. The annexation of Granada marked the end of eight centuries of Muslim rule in Spain and Portugal and concluded the long struggle known in Spain as the Reconquista. The second text is Leandro di Cosco’s Latin translation of the letter by Christopher Columbus to Raphael Sánchez, in which Columbus recounted his voyage to America in 1492-93. Printed in Basel in 1494, it is one of six versions of the Columbus letter that were published in 1493-94, and the only one to include woodcut illustrations.

Date Created

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Iohann Bergmann de Olpe, Basel


Title in Original Language

In laudem Serenissimi Ferdinandi, Hispania[rum] Regis, Bethicae & regni Granatae obsidio victoria & triu[m]phus. Et De insulis in Mari Indico nuper inuentis

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72 pages: illustrated, map, (woodcuts); 23 centimeters


  • Includes an "uncorrected" edition of the Columbus letter, omitting Isabella in the opening statement.

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