The World Encompassed by Sir Francis Drake, Being His Next Voyage to That to Nombre de Dios Formerly Imprinted: Carefully Collected out of the Notes of Master Francis Fletcher, Preacher in This Imployment


This work of 1628 is the first edition of the earliest detailed account of the voyage around the world by Sir Francis Drake in 1577-80. It includes a frontspiece with a portrait of Drake and a double-globed map of the world. Drake’s was the second successful circumnavigation, after that of Ferdinand Magellan in 1519-22. Setting out with five ships and 160 men, Drake used his voyage to attack Spanish shipping and search for new territories and maritime routes. This work is based on the notes of Francis Fletcher, who sailed with Drake, and was compiled by Drake’s nephew. Drake himself is known to have kept a journal of the voyage, which he presented to Queen Elizabeth I, but this work has not survived. Fletcher was not very friendly to Drake, and someone – most likely Drake’s nephew – appears to have edited Fletcher’s account, as can be seen in a comparison between Fletcher’s original (an unpublished version of which has survived and is in the British Library), and this account. Drake’s voyage angered the Spanish, but it did much to broaden English knowledge about the world, paving the way for later explorations and marking an important step in Britain’s rise as a naval and colonial power.

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N. Bourne, London


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The world encompassed by Sir Francis Drake, being his next voyage to that to Nombre de Dios formerly imprinted; carefully collected out of the notes of Master Francis Fletcher, preacher in this imployment

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108 pages : illustrations, map ; 19 centimeters

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