Extract of the Dutch Map Representing the Colony of Surinam


This late-18th century French map based on Dutch sources shows a portion of northern Suriname, extending from the Suriname River and Paramaribo on the west to the Maroni River and French Guiana on the east. It includes coastline, coastal features, rivers and streams, the town of Paramaribo, a Jewish settlement ("Bourg nommé des Juifs"), fortifications, individual land holdings, and a defensive line extending almost 100 kilometers from the Atlantic Coast to the Bourg des Juifs on the Suriname River. The primary purpose of the map is to show the defensive line meant to protect the European settlements and plantations north of the line from continued and increasing attacks by slaves who had escaped into the interior of the province. The line consisted of a road, fortified by posts and pickets at regular intervals and to be manned by a mixed colonial and Dutch militia. A note indicates abandoned plantations to the south and east of the line. Another note indicates that construction on the cordon began in 1776. The map is oriented with south at the top.

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Extrait de la carte hollandise representant la colonie de Surinam

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1 manuscript map : color ; 59 x 98 centimeters

Last updated: September 18, 2015