Map of Eastern Indochina


This 1881 map of eastern Indochina is by Jules Léon Dutreuil de Rhins (1846-94), a French naval officer, explorer, and geographer. Dutreuil de Rhins led an adventurous life that took him to Mexico, the Congo, Indochina, and Central Asia. In 1876-77, he commanded a ship in the navy of the King of Annam, and in 1879 published a book entitled Le royaume d’Annam et les Annamites (The kingdom of Annam and the Annamites). Dutreuil de Rhins is best known for his expeditions to Central Asia and Tibet, where he was killed in 1894 by hostile local people while attempting to locate the source of the Mekong River. Annam, which figured prominently in his work, was an autonomous state in central Vietnam that became a French protectorate in the 1880s. A noteworthy feature of this map is the table of translations of principal geographic terms into French, Annamese, Cambodian, Siamese, Laotian, "sauvage" (indigenous forest peoples), Burmese, and Chinese.

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Impr. Lemercier et Cie, Paris


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Carte de l’Indo-Chine orientale

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1 color map ; 94 x 61 centimeters

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