Atlas of Asiatic Russia


This comprehensive atlas of the Asian part of the Russian Empire, published in 1914 by the Resettlement Department of the Land Regulation and Agriculture Administration, provides detailed information about the historical, geographical, and economic characteristics of Russia east of the Ural Mountains. The atlas was created at a time when this territory had received a new impetus to development from the agrarian reforms instituted, beginning in 1906, by Chairman of the Council of Ministers Pyotr N. Stolypin (1862–1911). The atlas is one of the best examples of prerevolutionary Russian cartography. It includes general maps of Russia, the coats of arms and maps of provinces and regions, information about types of land ownership and land use, and city plans. Also included are diagrams that document different aspects of the development of Asiatic Russia and efforts by the Resettlement Department to assist peasants moving from densely populated areas in European Russia to sparsely populated places in Siberia and Central Asia. An index of geographical names and a review article about the cartography of Asiatic Russia accompany the main text. The atlas is in the Irkutsk Regional Scientific Library, Siberia.

Last updated: January 8, 2018