A Historical, Geographical, and Statistical Description of the Russian Empire. Volume 1, Book 4. Vologda Province


This work by the historian and statistician Ivan Ilych Pushkarev (1808–48) is a historical and statistical description of the Russian province of Vologda, containing information about its geography, people, economic development, and government institutions. It was conceived as a fundamental work based on the materials of the ministries and statistical committees of the provinces. Pushkarev planned to publish 18 volumes with the descriptions of 76 provinces, regions, and districts, and a concluding historical and statistical description of the Russian Empire as a whole. However, he had time to prepare only four parts of the first volume, which focused on the Russian North. The first two parts were produced in collaboration with other authors, but Pushkarev alone wrote the third and fourth parts, which describe Olonetsk and Vologda in the northwest. This book includes a description and map of the province, coats of arms, and layouts of towns and drawings of Vologda, Saint Cornelius Monastery, the square in the town of Gryazovets, the Spaso Prilutsky Monastery, and the ancient cathedral and former house of the Stroganovs in Sol’vychegodsk. Also included are tables indicating distances between cities, statistical data, and texts of old records. This copy is in the Yeltsin Presidential Library in St. Petersburg.

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Ivan Pushkarev, Saint Petersburg


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Описание Российской империи в историческом, географическом и статистическом отношениях, Том 1, книга 4. Описание Вологодской губернии

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4, 127 pages, 4 illustrations, maps


  • Casebound to: Volume 1, book 3. Historical, Geographical and Statistical Description of the Russian Empire dedicated to His Emperor Majesty, Pious Sovereign Heir Tsesarevich & the Great Prince Nicholas Alexandrovich.

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