The American Ambulance in Russia


This World War I poster, published in New York circa 1917, solicits funds for a volunteer American ambulance company in Russia. American ambulance services on the Western front in France were extensive and well-organized; this poster advertises a much smaller effort on what was then the Eastern front of the war. The poster shows a medieval Russian soldier on horseback carrying a Russian flag, with a caption, in Russian, stating: “Military loan. Forward for the Motherland.” The illustration is signed by the artist, A.O. Maksimov. Russia was at this time an ally of Britain and France in the war with Germany and Austria-Hungary. Even though Germany eventually lost the war to superior British, French, and American forces on the Western front, it defeated Russia in the east. The demoralized Russian army all but collapsed in late 1917, and on December 7 of that year Germany and the new Bolshevik government of Russia signed an armistice in the city of Brest-Litovsk (present-day Brest, Belarus).

Last updated: November 14, 2017