Features of the Mountainous Region North and West of Peking


This map by Otto Franz von Möllendorff (1848-1903) originally was published as one of two appendixes to an 1881 article by Möllendorff in the journal of the German Geographical Society. Möllendorff was a zoologist and German consular official whose primary interest was the animals of northern China and Central Asia. He used a number of existing maps, such as those by the British Admiralty, the Russian geophysicist Hermann Fritsche, and the Polish-Russian military officer and scientist Nikolai Przewalski, as well as his own surveys and observations, to produce this highly detailed map–one that greatly expanded cartographic knowledge of the region. The map was engraved by the German cartographer Richard Kiepert (1846-1915), the son of the famed geographer Heinrich Kiepert (1818-99). Möllendorff was the brother of Paul Georg von Möllendorff (1847-1901), a famous German linguist and diplomat who was an adviser to the Korean king Kojong and the author of a system for romanizing the Manchu language.

Date Created

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Dietrich Reimer, Berlin


Title in Original Language

Aufnahmen im Gebirgslande nördlich und westlich von Peking

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1 hand colored engraved map ; 29 x 50 centimeters


  • Scale 1:333,333

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