Selected Biographies of Scholars and Officials from Shanxi


The author of this work was Fan Hongsi, a native of Hongdong County, Shanxi Province. Fan Hongsi became Assistant Department Magistrate of Dezhou, Shandong Province, in 1628. Later he retired to his home, studied, lectured on Neo-Confucianism, and wrote a number of works. He was a follower of Xin Quan, a Neo-Confucian scholar. A successful candidate at the provincial civil examinations himself, Fan Hongsi presented in his work a number of scholars from Shanxi Province, who lived as early as the Tang dynasty and up to the Ming period. The criteria for selection of the persons were their political status, literary skills, straightforwardness, and reclusiveness. Each person was given a biography and an appreciation of his works. This is a Chongzhen reign edition (1628‒44). There are seven prefaces, dated between 1628 and 1630, written by fellow officials, including Cheng Shao (1557‒1639), a native of Dezhou and a Vice President of the Ministry of Works, and other scholars, such as Zhu Zhijun (1596‒1671), a literary writer. The postscript, dated 1630, was written by Liu Chengchong, also a native of Hongdong.

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